Bring the sun to your teeth – Part 2

Trust the best dentist in Manchester to ‘smarten up your smile’


Last week we wrote about how there was no time like the present to begin thinking about how Carisbrook, recognised by many as the best dentist in Manchester, could help you to achieve your special summer smile. We mentioned how we could provide a whole range of ‘quick and easy’ treatments such as teeth whitening and our airflow stain removing treatment to help perk up your smile in time for the summer months to come. We also advised you to let us check out your teeth so that tooth decay and gum disease would not ruin your eagerly awaited holiday. Now this week in ‘Bring the sun to your teeth – Part 2’ we’d like to tell you about a couple of other essential ‘perfect smile’ treatments that can take a little longer to complete …which, of course, means you shouldn’t delay in getting in touch.

best dentist in manchester

Let’s begin with dental implants. If you have damaged or missing teeth there is no better way to replace them than with natural-looking dental implants.  They’re so realistic and each implant tooth is tailor-made to match the colour shade and shape of your surrounding teeth – so that no one will ever know that they are not your real teeth. Dental implants really are the next best thing to having your own teeth.


Dental implants treatment does take time though. Firstly you need to have a CT scan or x-ray to determine if your jaw is suitable for implants. We also need to speak to you to decide if implants are right for you – because they’re not appropriate for everyone.  


The process requires minor surgery during which we attach the dental implants directly into your jawbone so that they are permanently fixed. Then after allowing time for this to heal we attach specially made crowns, bridges or dentures onto the implant. These are individually made by us, the best dentist in Manchester, to match your surrounding teeth and they are so realistic, so firm and stable that you will be able to smile, eat and socialise with complete confidence.


But this procedure does take time. So please do not delay if you want your new smile in time for summer.


If you have crooked or misaligned teeth that hinder your smile then perhaps you should consider orthodontics. These days orthodontic treatment is not just for youngsters because more and more adults are turning to it to enhance their smile.  


The other good news is that nobody needs to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. That is because we can fit the most discrete braces that are practically invisible.  


Our ‘Incognito’ lingual braces are fixed out of sight behind your teeth, while our ‘Invisalign’ braces are totally transparent meaning you can smile without anyone noticing them. We can also fit removable braces so that you can take them out when dining or on social occasions.


Orthodontics cannot be rushed, but if you contact us now and we begin your treatment quickly you’ll almost certainly be noticing great improvements to your smile by the time summer is at its height.

Don’t delay; book your summer smile now by getting in touch with the best dentist in Manchester right away. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

best dentist in manchester

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