Cosmetic Bonding

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile and with a little help we can help many achieve just that.

Having imperfections with teeth can lead to a loss of confidence but here at Carisbrook Dental we can fix this. Cosmetic Bonding of the teeth can vastly improve your smile by smoothing, shortening and levelling the teeth which allows for a more uniform and natural appearance.

Cosmetic bonding can help transform the shape, realign teeth, repair chips, fix grooves or pits within the tooth enamel, add additional length to teeth and close spaces between teeth – all in one appointment!

Advantages of cosmetic bonding:

  • No anaesthetic necessary
  • No preparation required
  • Improves appearance and patients confidence
  • Is a reversible procedure
  • Same day result

Disadvantages of cosmetic bonding:

  • Can be time-consuming to do
  • Fillings can stain or chip over time – however, it is easy to get the fillings repaired if staining/chips form

At Carisbrook Dental Care we also offer gum contouring, gum contouring is essentially a procedure that lengthens the overall appearance of teeth and makes the gums into a more appealing shape around the teeth. This has a framing effect around the teeth. This can be a great help for anyone who has misshaped gums or gums that are too large which cover the beauty of teeth by making them look too small; often giving the term, “a gummy smile”.