Still time to book your Christmas smile

Still time to book your Christmas smile

A dental implant procedure could be your best Christmas present ever!

Dental implants have been described as ‘the closest thing to having your natural teeth back’.  So just imagine what they could mean for you… beautiful new teeth… a perfectly natural looking new smile… a new boost to your self-confidence… in fact, A NEW YOU! And if you contact us quickly, while our special offer is still on, you could have your new smile in time for Christmas. And you’ll save some money into the bargain!


A dental implant procedure is not something that can be rushed or completed overnight. In fact the full treatment takes several weeks. But if you hurry and if you contact us to book a Half Price Consultation right away you should have your new perfect smile in time for the Christmas celebrations.


Just think about it… having lovely new teeth to replace unsightly gaps or unattractive damaged teeth. New teeth that bless you with a beautiful new smile. Not only that, but because a dental implant procedure means that your new teeth are firmly and permanently embedded into your jaw, then you will be able to enjoy your food again and eat virtually whatever you want in a perfectly natural way.


Right now could not be a better time to contact us because we have a special offer that means you can have a Half Price Dental Implant Consultation. We will examine your teeth and your jaw and we will talk to you to see if you are suitable for a dental implant procedure. If you are we can then discuss all the wonderful possibilities that open before you.


Carisbrook is recognised as one of the country’s leading dental implant specialists and Dr Adams, who is registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist, is so experienced that he actually teaches the subject at Cardiff Dental Hospital.


The dental implant procedure involves firstly a CT scan or x-ray and then, with minor surgery, we can secure the titanium implants directly into the jaw bone.


After allowing time for this to heal and for the implant to integrate fully into the bone, we can then – depending on the gap – attach either a crown, a bridge or even dentures to the implants so that they remain fixed and secure. We make these in our own laboratory to ensure that they match the surrounding natural teeth exactly.


At Carisbrook we use only the very finest quality dental implants, which are proven to be the very best for longevity and reliability.


So if you want to ensure that you have your new Christmas smile in time for the festive season, then please do not hesitate. Time is running out and you must contact us to make your appointment right away. If you do it now and take advantage of our special offer you will be entitled to a Half Price Dental Implant Consultation with Dr Adams.


Make sure you enjoy a Happy Christmas, contact us to discuss your dental implant procedure today. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.


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