Going to the dentist… It's child's play

Going to the dentist… It's child's play

Parents often ask us at what age should they first take their children to visit the dentist and at Carisbrook Dental our response is that they should introduce the child as soon as their first baby teeth appear.

It is not that we expect they will require any treatment at that stage, but what those early visits do, apart from allowing us to check that the teeth development is normal, is to help the child become accustomed to visiting the dentist so that they become familiar and relaxed within the environment of the clinic.  These early visits are also essential in establishing a trust and a confidence that will stand them in good stead in later life.

The other reason we recommend these early visits is that in years gone by children were often only taken to the dentist when they had a problem.  Very often it was the school dentist!  Consequently their early experiences were those of pain and fear, breeding a generation of people who quite literally were ‘scared of the dentist’ even into adulthood.

What we also provide for parents and small children is sound preventative awareness.  We can explain and show people how by adopting good early-years habits regarding dental and mouth hygiene, plus giving sound dietary and nutritional advice we can help them to help their children prevent many problems in later life.


Here are our top-tips for early-years dental well-being

  1. Choose a good medium bristle tooth brush

Make sure that it is a junior size to fit comfortably into the child’s mouth.

  1. Use an adults’ toothpaste with fluoride

Squeeze just a little paste, about the size of a pea, onto the brush.  We don’t recommend children’s toothpaste because it can sometimes be difficult to wean them off flavoured brands as they become older.

  1. Show them how to brush their teeth correctly

And get them in the habit of brushing twice a day.

  1. Don’t completely ban sweet treats. 

We’re not against sweets but don’t overdo them.  If they have a chocolate bar for instance let them eat it in one go and have just one sugar intake rather than several smaller portions throughout the day.

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

Make regular teeth inspections part of their lifestyle.

  1. Keep smiling

At Carisbrook we are always happy to welcome a young child into our practice and we take extra care to make them feel relaxed and confident in our clinic.  Why not contact us to arrange a first appointment.

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