Removable Braces Manchester

You may think braces might be the stuff of teenagers, but a surprising number of adults find that they can work extremely well later on and fit into their lifestyles.

Removable braces are used to correct many problems which occur over time, including over and under bites, spacing, cross bites, open bites and crooked teeth.

Removable Braces



Removable braces work by moving teeth via gentle controlled pressure. The advantage of removable braces is they can be removed for eating and cleaning. Also if you have an important meeting or social event you can also remove them. However, they are not as effective as conventional fixed braces so the orthodontist will let you know which ones are best for you.

Removable braces can either be simple acrylic plates with stainless steel wire or systems such as Invisalign or Clear Braces which are invisible trays. If it’s a simple movement you require sometimes the braces can move your teeth within three to six months. If it’s complex treatment such as overbites or large spaces the treatment can take a few years. The main aim is to move the teeth into their correct positions and enable bone to grow to support them. The process is extremely slow to avoid teeth from becoming loose and to ensure the results are stable. The appliances are tightened usually every 4-6 weeks for maximum effect.

There are several types of fixed braces in common use such as traditional stainless steel wired braces, however, more cosmetic and invisible fixed white braces are now more popular and just as effective. White/clear braces are a good cosmetic alternative to the metal, consisting of ceramic or plastic brackets which blend in with the colour of the teeth. Clear elastic and white metal ties can be used to keep the braces as inconspicuous as possible. Some of our clients go for ties which are bright in colour as a fashion statement!

Lingual braces are also on offer at our clinic orthodontic clinic. These are custom made, bonded to the back of the teeth and therefore remaining impossible to see from the outside of the mouth. Our clinic is one of a few who offers this treatment as it can only be done by a specialist orthodontist who is trained in the system (incognito). They have the advantage of being fixed but also invisible.

If you know you are going to need orthodontic braces, you should discuss all the options with our dental / orthodontic team. Ask them what types are available, which ones they would recommend (and why) and what the costs may be. At our clinic we always provide full written estimates before any work is commenced.

At Carisbrook Dental we provide a number of finance options via our finance partner Chrysalis Finance to help our patients spread the cost of their treatments and make treatment much more affordable.

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