The cost of dental care. Is it just too much to swallow?

The cost of dental care. Is it just too much to swallow?

There’s no denying it, even though the Chancellor says that we’ve turned the corner, the economy is still having it tough, wages haven’t been rising (even though prices have) and many people are still finding things difficult.

No wonder that many are cutting back on what they perceive as ‘non-essentials’ and in some cases we know that includes dental care. But it doesn’t have to!

Dental care, whether it is routine or emergency, is essential to your overall health and well being, so at Carisbrook Dental we’re helping with a scheme that allows you to spread the cost of dental care through our attractive Payment Plan.

Pay as little as just 37p per day.

Our plan is designed to help you ensure that you always have access to the best possible dental treatment, whenever it is needed, without worrying about the cost. Just look what is included in our Payment Plan.

  • Two dental check-ups per year
  • Two dental hygiene appointments per year
  • All routine dental X-rays
  • 20% OFF routine dental treatments
  • Dental injury cover up to £10,000 per year
  • Emergency dental cover at our practice up to £800 per year
  • Emergency dental cover abroad up to £800 per year


  • Up to £12,000 Oral Cancer Care (including smokers)

Dental treatment is something you cannot afford to ignore and with our Payment Plan we’ve made sure that it is really is affordable. Visit our Payment Plan Options page or Contact us to discuss how we can help bring peace of mind without the financial worry.

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