£1/2m illegal teeth whitening kits seized

£1/2m illegal teeth whitening kits seized

It has been reported that 12,000 illegal teeth whitening kits, worth a staggering £500,000, have been seized by Trading Standards officers from a house in West London. The kits, which were being sold online, contained nearly 60 times the legal level of bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide.


With the huge increase in the popularity of teeth whitening treatment fraudsters have moved into the market, some selling pirated kits turned out in overseas factories using substandard and even risky ingredients.


The latest batch seized contained 5.9 per cent hydrogen peroxide. Unless administered by fully qualified medical professionals such our team at Carisbrook Dental, whitening products must not contain more than 0.1 per cent hydrogen peroxide. A senior professor of restorative dentistry said that hydrogen peroxide is dangerous if not applied by a medical professional. He stressed that there is a real risk of caustic burns to the mouth as well as severe toxic and dangerous injuries.


As one of the premier dentist Manchester dental practices, at Carisbrook our team of highly capable dentists all have the highest medical qualifications as well as the experience to administer safe and effective teeth whitening treatments. Take a look at our Teeth Whitening Manchester page to read about the latest options and advice that we offer.


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