Martin Hill

Martin Hill

To find out at the age of 43 that i was unfortunately part of a small percentage of people who suffered from severe acute gum disease and that none of my natural teeth could be saved was to say the least quite a big deal for me.

Despite maintaining good oral hygiene and regular check-ups i suffered from rapidly declining dental health, infections and tooth loss, so i was already at quite a low ebb (mentally and physically) when i walked through the door at Carisbrook.

My initial consultation with Tariq and Rob inspired me with confidence in both them and the practice. I was provided with a very clear explanation and written assessment of the status of my dentition and provided with the details of the potential options and procedures/cost involved and related benefits.

Every stage and aspect of my care at Carisbrook has been exemplary. All members of Tariq’s team were ¬†brilliant but i would like to particularly thank Robina and Maxine for their professionalism and caring support as when you’re the one in the chair those little caring touches really can mean a lot.

I now have an end result which mean I can smile with confidence. I hope this letter inspires others to have confidence in this excellent practice.

Many thanks

Martin Hill

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