Anthony was terrified of the dentist and had not been for many years due to his fear. His main concern when he came to Carisbrook was his upper front teeth. Anthony’s upper front teeth had become rotten, mobile and were causing recurrent abscesses and pain. Anthony’s lower teeth were repairable however his upper teeth had a poor prognosis and unfortunately could not be saved. After extracting Anthony’s upper front teeth, he had four dental implants placed by our specialist oral surgeon Dr Adams followed by a removable implant denture. On the lower jaw Anthony had two implant bridges, one on each side to replace his missing teeth.

Implant retained dentures are an ideal way of restoring a clients smile and overall face shape. Did you know after you lose teeth you also lose both bone and soft tissue support for your lips, this can cause a sunken appearance. By placing a well-designed implant retained denture we can replace this lack of support to your face and improve your smile and overall face shape.

Before & After

white fillings front teeth

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best cosmetic dentistry available using the most up to date techniques, skills and materials. Dr Idrees is one of the most experienced cosmetic dentists in the country, he’s was the lead cosmetic dentist for Harvey Nichols Manchester for 10 years.

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