At Cosmetic Dentist Manchester we won’t leave you with a ‘used car smile’.

At Cosmetic Dentist Manchester we won’t leave you with a ‘used car smile’.

We call them ‘used car smiles’ because yes, at first glance your teeth may look all shiny, pristine and polished, but behind that sparkling facade there could be a multitude of problems. And like a lot of used cars the sparkling first impression doesn’t always last.


At Carisbrook Dental Cosmetic Dentist Manchester we sincerely believe that a perfect smile should be based on healthy teeth and gums and should be supported by sound aesthetic dental care. It’s something we’ve been providing for over fifty years.


Our holistic approach is built on factual health and before we recommend or proceed with any treatment we will ensure that your teeth and gums are in first class condition. That way you can be confident that your smile, unlike many a used car, will not simply be covering up deeper underlying problems.


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Teeth Whitening

At Cosmetic Dentist Manchester we are the acknowledged specialists in teeth whitening treatments and can offer you a wide range of treatments designed to match your requirements. We may recommend a home whitening treatment course, or one of our in-clinic treatments that include laser whitening using our Zoom machine or the very latest ‘Enlighten’ technology – the revolutionary new teeth whitening treatment from the USA. Probably the most advanced teeth whitening process there is. Remember, if teeth whitening is not performed by a qualified dentist it is not legal, it will not be regulated and the chances are that if anything does go wrong … they will not be insured.


Porcelain Veneers

One of our most highly sought after procedures, porcelain veneers are wafer-thin custom made shells of porcelain made to match the exact shape of your teeth. They dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and are frequently used by celebrities to produce that ‘Hollywood smile’.


White Fillings

We can replace existing silver fillings with invisible white fillings that are specially shaded to match the colour of your teeth. White fillings can also be used to restore the shape of chipped or damaged teeth and to improve your natural smile.


Invisible orthodontics

Simply by realigning crooked or crowded teeth we can help to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget that modern orthodontics don’t have to mean unsightly metal braces. At Cosmetic Dentist Manchester we can offer you the option of invisible braces such as Lingual Braces, Clear Braces and Invisalign Braces.


Dental Implants

If missing teeth are ruining your smile read about how our dental implants can fill the gap with the most realistic looking replacements.


Why not take a look at how we’ve restored the smile for many of our patients in our Smile Gallery?


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