Beauty salons still offering illegal teeth whitening

Despite it being illegal for anyone other than a qualified dentist or dental health professional to provide teeth whitening treatments, some beauty salons are continuing to offer the service. Often these are offered as a cut-price incentive and they are putting their clients’ health at serious risk. Such is the scale of this problem that the General Dental Council has already prosecuted 24 people this year – that is more than for the whole of last year.

Thanks to today’s celebrity culture and pictures of stars showing off their gleaming white smiles, teeth whitening is now one of the most desired cosmetic dental treatments in the UK. Unfortunately most people still don’t realise the illegality or the risks involved by going to a local unqualified beauty salon.

As one of the leading cosmetic dentists in Manchester we have seen at first hand the dreadful injuries that can occur if teeth whitening bleaching gel is not applied correctly. The British Dental Association (BDA) says that anyone other than a registered dental professional will not have the right training, experience or knowledge and they could cause painful chemical burns and permanent damage to teeth and gums. In some cases people have been violently sick after swallowing the bleaching product.

What’s more, the BDA says that beauticians are not properly trained to take a medical history to ensure someone is suitable for teeth whitening.

On our Cosmetic Dentistry page and our Teeth Whitening Manchester page we have provided easy to follow information, including a video, that explains how Carisbrook Dental, the cosmetic dentists Manchester specialists, are fully qualified and accredited to determine exactly the reason for your teeth’s discolouration. Is it genetic or is it lifestyle? Only by examining your teeth and discussing it with you can we recommend the most appropriate treatment. The extensive range of options such as the ones we offer will undoubtedly not be available from a non-qualified beautician.

Our teeth whitening options include:

  1. Enlighten teeth whitening. The newest and most successful system on the market that includes bleaching sessions both at home and in our clinic. Enlighten guarantees a positive outcome with the whitest, most consistent and long lasting results.
  2. ZOOM teeth whitening. At Carisbrook Dental we can offer the ZOOM treatment, which is an advanced bleach and laser procedure that whitens and polishes your teeth in one hour and achieves up to eight shades lighter than the original colour.
  3. Home whitening. Under the supervision of highly qualified dental professionals you are provided with a bespoke whitening tray custom made just for you, together with the correct treatment gels to use in the comfort of your own home.

As part of our teeth whitening service we can also provide a number of finance options to help patients spread the cost of their treatments. Right now is a particularly good time to discuss teeth whitening because our Manchester cosmetic dentists team is offering a FREE CONSULTATION. To arrange your FREE CONSULTATION you can call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can go to our Appointments page to send us a message.


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