Teeth Whitening. Who can you trust?

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Best Teeth Whitening

So just who can you rely on when it comes to the best teeth whitening treatment? The answer to that question is very simple… and very much straight to the point. The only people you can trust to provide the correct advice and the best teeth whitening treatment… are your dentists. Teeth whitening is a form of dentistry. Therefore the only people who are legally permitted to provide teeth whitening treatment are fully qualified dentists and other regulated dental professionals such as dental hygienists, provided they are registered with the General Dental Council. Any other person, such as staff at a beauty salon or an unregistered teeth whitening clinic etc is not only acting illegally, but it can be seriously risky.


Don’t buy online

The other advice we would stress is that if you are tempted to purchase ‘teeth whitening treatments’ online or from a dodgy dealer in the pub or market, then beware because these unlicensed, unregulated and unlawful products (from who knows where) can pose serious risks to your teeth, your gums, your lips, mouth, throat and even to your general health.


Prior to commencing any teeth whitening treatment a dentist will examine your teeth, assess your oral health and they will talk to you at length before they recommend the most appropriate treatment.


What they recommend will depend on your dental health, your lifestyle and your expectations.  Then the treatment they provide will be tailored to match your needs exactly. It will also be carefully controlled and monitored.


Check the whitening agent

The most common professional teeth whitening agent used by a dentist is peroxide.  This is a product that has been used and medically approved over many years and the type and strength of the treatment will be individually prescribed for you.  


The strength of authorised over-the counter products, is legally restricted and so it is far less likely to be effective.


On the other hand, illegal treatments bought online or via unreliable and unregulated sources, or through unlicensed teeth whitening services, can be extremely dangerous and are often based on unsafe acidic ingredients. At Carisbrook we have seen horrific injuries caused by these unlawful, dangerous treatments.


Don’t fall for trendy treatments

Another treatment, although not illegal, we would advise against is the trend for ‘oil pulling’.  This involves swishing oil around your mouth for about 20-minutes. It is claimed that it supposedly draws stains from your teeth and loosens plaque.


Professional dental opinion says, “It doesn’t whiten your teeth and may even make dental erosion worse.”


So what is our professional advise to you about the best teeth whitening treatment?


  1. Only go to a qualified, registered dental practice.
  2. Never use an illegal, unlicensed teeth whitening service.
  3. Never buy online or dodgy unregulated teeth whitening treatments.
  4. Don’t listen to ‘old wives tales’ such as oil pulling.
  5. If you would like fully qualified, professional advice make an appointment to discuss it with one of our dentists.


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