Can your teeth really change your life?

Can your teeth really change your life?

Following an extensive research programme, social scientist Malcolm Gladwell reported:

“The state of a person’s teeth is increasingly important in determining their job prospects and social status.”

According to Mr Gladwell, “those with bad teeth are also given a lower chance of success – because they are ‘denied’ certain ‘entry-level’ jobs.”

So the old saying “You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” is probably true after all.

Certainly we at Carisbrook Dental can confirm the accuracy of the report and we are finding that more and more patients are coming to us for cosmetic dentistry treatment because they realise that good teeth and a genuine smile go a long way to enhancing not only their appearance, but also boosts their confidence, personality and their career prospects as well as their social life.

People with good teeth that have good shape and colour are generally for more outgoing and are more ready to smile and engage with others, whether they are meeting them socially or are dealing with clients, customers or colleagues in their day-to-day business.  What’s more, the report said, sparkling teeth also made a person look up to five years younger and improved their employment potential by 10 per cent.

On the other hand, people with missing, misshapen or discoloured teeth are far more likely to resist making that engaging smile.  As a result these people do not project themselves well and therefore come across to others as someone who is lacking in personality and confidence.

Tariq Idrees DentistOne of our principles at Carisbrook, Dr Tariq Idrees, was at one time engaged as a consultant on a successful TV lifestyle programme in which participants were given extensive makeovers; including hair, teeth, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery and fashion advice.  He will readily confirm that in the majority of cases when the participants were asked which aspect of their overall makeover they thought was most beneficial to their appearance and personality they would answer without hesitation, “Their teeth!”

So it seems that the report was accurate and if you want to make the most of that crucial first impression, whether you’re interviewing for a new job, meeting clients or customers or preparing for that important social occasion, then remember, first and foremost it’s your teeth and your smile that will get you noticed and appreciated.

You can Google: cosmetic dentists, Manchester to find a local dentist to discuss how to achieve that perfect white, glistening smile, but why bother when you can simply contact Carisbrook to arrange a free consultation.  If you would like to read more about our teeth whitening options and the cosmetic dentistry procedures available, just click here.

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