Specialist Children's Dentist

At Carisbrook Dental we are privileged to have a Specialist in children’s dentistry.

This is someone who after dental school spends additional years training to become a children’s specialist dentist. Dr Elnaz Aliakbari is our paediatric specialist.

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At Carisbrook Dental, we know how important your child’s well-being is and that is why we aim to provide the highest level of care for your child’s teeth and gums. We believe that prevention is always better than intervention, which is why we want to be extra vigilant to ensure that your child always has a healthy smile.

If your child has complex dental issues such as multiple decayed teeth, missing teeth, missing enamel/dentine or is anxious/nervous then they will be referred to Ellie for an assessment. She also works with our specialist Orthodontist in planning complex cases which is normally only available at dental hospitals and will provide treatment under inhalation sedation.

Children’s fissure sealants

We are very lucky to have Dr Aliakbari as a member of our team as paediatric specialist dentists are rare. The majority of Ellies patients are referred from other dentists.

We appreciate that children may be scared of the dentist and we empathise with that, we will never rush your children and will always treat them with respect. We will give your child and you the parent/guardian time to make any decisions that may need to be made after we have provided all the necessary information.

We make provision for nervous children – such as the ‘the calaject’ (a pain-free way of administering dental injections), in order to make your child’s visit as pain and stress free as possible. 

Dental decay (caries) can occur in all ages, however, there is an increased prevalence in children, who tend to consume more sugary foods and drinks. Whilst treating the decay is part of the solution, we educate our patients how to maintain good oral health and help prevent further tooth decay. Education about nutrition, toothbrushing advice, fluoride application and dietary habits are a vital part of childrens dental appointments.

Carisbrook Dental is at the forefront of technology, and that’s why we can provide the latest techniques, treatments and procedures for your child. One treatment that we feel is particularly beneficial is fissure sealant treatment. A fissure sealant is a coating manufactured from plastic which we apply to the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The sealant protects the child from food getting trapped in tiny grooves or fissures on the surface of their teeth and causing tooth decay. This treatment will protect your childs teeth from decay and disease.

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