The cost of treatment abroad

Cut-price dental treatment abroad.
Is it too good to be true?

There was a big advertisement in our daily paper the other week, whose headline read:

It certainly sounded attractive, but is the deal really as good as it first appears? At Carisbrook Dental we have come across lots of people who have travelled abroad for cut-price dental treatments and we can tell you with confidence that the results and the savings often leave patients feeling rather disappointed.

Let us give you just one example.

Mrs S required five upper implants and an implant bridge, and having seen the prices quoted she opted to travel to a Warsaw dental clinic for treatment.

The cost quoted was £10,000, which was about two thirds of what we at Carisbrook would charge.

However here is the actual scenario and the true comparison of costs and results.

Mrs S made and paid for four return flights and four hotel expenses for her trips to Warsaw.

  1. For an initial consultation and the fitting of five implants on the same day.
  2. After three months a second trip for the production of the mould.
  3. An emergency visit after problems with her implants.
  4. Final trip to have the bridge fitted.

So what was the true cost of Mrs S’s cut-price dental treatment?

Incidentally, Mrs S came to visit us recently and told us that she was not happy with the bridge or her new smile. Because there was no interim fitting to appraise the bite, smile or colouring, the bridge fitted was, in our and Mrs S’s opinion, not quite right. We have also spotted the first signs of cracks in the bridge, which will mean a replacement is required sooner rather than later.
By comparison, here is a breakdown of our treatment programme and the costs.

  1. First consultation: £95. At this meeting we would also discuss and agree a treatment plan. There is no obligation, no costs for flights and no hotel expenses. See our Dental Implants page for more details about our service.
  2. Confirm treatment plan and timings. A one-to-one discussion to ensure everyone is happy with the proposed plan.
  3. Fit the five implants: £5,500.
  4. Review examination. This enables us to check that everything is as it should be and that the implants are healing well.

5, 6, 7. Three further visits at two weekly intervals. We will create the mould and check the accuracy of the impression.

  1. Try-fit the bridge. Checking to confirm that everyone is happy with the fit, bite, phonetics, colour, smile line and general appearance.
  2. Final fit. And our bill for all this intensive treatment programme is £10,000.

So, at first glance our costs at Carisbrook are £5,500 more expensive.

But are they?

And what price do you place on the confidence you acquire from having on-the-spot personal attention, plus the reassurance of highly qualified expert advice and care right there on your doorstep.

If you are considering cut-price dental treatment abroad, why not come to us and discuss the stay-at-home alternative? Visit our Contact page to fix up an appointment. You’ll be under no obligation, but you could actually save yourself money … and a great deal of anguish.

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