Daily Mirror discloses Tooth Fairy rates

Daily Mirror discloses Tooth Fairy rates

Tooth FairyHow much does a Tooth Fairy leave under the pillow for a child who has lost one of their baby teeth? According to the Daily Mirror who reported a survey conducted by Manchester dental clinic, Carisbrook Dental, it all depends in which area of the country the child lives. On average, the survey found, the Tooth Fairy in Newcastle left £1 per lost tooth, while at the other end of the scale, in London, the child could expect to receive on average £2.50. Although the survey did reveal that some parents were now leaving £5 or even £10 notes under their children’s pillows and with a full set of 20 baby teeth that adds up to a whopping £200 from the Tooth Fairy.
Perhaps even more worrying than the Tooth Fairy inflation statistics is the fact that more than a third of parents admitted that their children spent their Tooth Fairy money on sweets!

As a leading Manchester dental clinic, at Carisbrook we see a lot of children’s teeth showing signs of early decay and we frequently have to extract badly eroded milk teeth. A procedure that can be upsetting for the young child and which can lead to further problems when the child’s second teeth begin to come through.
We always advise parents to be particularly watchful and we stress just how important it is for their child’s well being to look after their teeth, even at a very young age. Take a look at our Children page, which explains in great detail the benefits of regular cleaning. The page also includes a video that demonstrates the best practices as recommended by the top Manchester dental clinic.

But back to the Tooth Fairy …

If you would like to read the full Daily Mirror article, please click on this link: www.mirror.co.uk/.webloc

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