People who lose their teeth are more at risk from dementia

True or false?  But what this study does underline is just why regular professional dental care is so important

According to a recent study in the USA and reported in one of our leading ‘dailies’, adults with tooth loss have a 1.28 times higher risk of being diagnosed with dementia.  The study involved a total of 34,074 adults but according to the researchers, the reason for this alarming link still remains somewhat unclear, however it is possible that because missing teeth make chewing difficult, this may result in nutritional deficiencies. There is also the possibility that there is a link between gum diseases and cognitive decline. At Carisbrook Dental we simply do not know the true value of this study, but it does reinforce what we have always said, and that is you must do everything you can to protect your teeth and oral health. This means good dental care is absolutely crucial. It’s yet another reason why you should always ensure that you arrange regular dental care check-ups and hygiene appointments with your dentist.

One of the dental experts who lead the study said; “It’s important to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between poor dental health and cognitive decline.”

To us at Carisbrook, the solution is very clear. If you maintain good oral health and protect your teeth and gums from disease then according to the study it appears you also protect yourself from diminished cognitive impairment and reduce the risk of being diagnosed with dementia,

The other fact that emerged from the study is that people who wear dentures also enjoy more protection against cognitive decline.

So what can we read into the report? Well, you can make up your own mind about the credibility of the study, but one point remains abundantly clear and that is that looking after your teeth and gums with good dental care is without doubt crucial to your general overall health.

At Carisbrook we recommend that all our patients arrange twice-yearly appointments for a professional dental examination by one of our team who will provide a thorough check-up backed up with a professional clean to ensure your teeth and gums remain in tip-top condition. If there are any signs of a potential problem then we will treat that there and then before it develops into something that could become more serious. By the way, these dental health examinations, plus two hygienist appointments, are all included in our very affordable Payment Plan that starts at just 40 pence per day.

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