Dental Implants

Full Dental Implants including the crown from £51.60* per month.

Dental Implants help replace missing teeth and have now been around for almost 50 years. They can replace teeth lost due to trauma, dental decay, gum disease or naturally missing teeth. Once placed into the jaw bone they can support either a false tooth/bridge or denture. The titanium implants integrate with the jaw bone and can provide as much strength and stability as regular teeth. We can replace single teeth with a single dental implant or many teeth with more implants with dental bridges or dentures. They currently have very high success rates especially in non-smokers, currently they have a 95% success rate after 20 years in non smokers and 85% success rate in smokers. Not all implants are the same however. We use only Astra dental implants which have a proven long term track record and have numerous scientific studies proving how well they work long term in patients.

Why have dental implants at Carisbrook dental?

As mentioned the manufacturer of the dental implant is very important, we use Astra dental implants. Always ask your dental practice which implant system they use and the relative success rates of that system.

You will find the cheaper the implant system the cheaper the quoted costs, cheap implants are not ideal as generally first time surgery is always more successful.

The next most important factor is who is placing the dental implant. At our practice they are placed by Dr Rob Adams, a specialist oral surgeon with the General Dental Council. Dr Tariq Idrees and Dr James Stafford who both have masters degrees in Dental Implants.

Subject to status. Conditions apply. Representative examples: Cash price of treatment £2460; repayable over 60 monthly payments of £51.66 over 5 years. Total amount repaid £3099.60; Representative 9.9% APR.

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