There’s no need to ‘grin and bear it’

There’s no need to ‘grin and bear it’

Because the Carisbrook emergency dental clinic is always on call


It’s very strange isn’t it, but it always seems that dental emergencies nearly always occur over the weekend, during the evening, overnight or when everywhere is shut down for the holidays. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be a major problem because whether you are a registered patient or not you know you can always call on the Carisbrook emergency dental clinic to help you.




Dental emergencies, of course, can take many forms. It could be a case of sudden toothache caused by tooth decay.  Or it could be a painful gum disease problem. It could be a broken tooth or lost tooth caused by an accident, a sporting injury or by an assault. It could be a lost filling or a missing crown, an abscess or ulcer. It simply doesn’t matter because whatever it is and whatever the cause, it is very comforting to know that fully qualified dental help and assistance is always available simply by telephoning 0161 766 4906 at any time.


At Carisbrook Dental, one of the North West’s longest established and most respected dental practices we are always here to help whether you are registered as one of our patients or not.


If you do require treatment in our emergency dental clinic simply dial: 0161 766 4906. If it is during normal working hours we will do our very best to provide an urgent emergency appointment so that you can be seen and we can treat the problem as quickly as possible.


If your dental emergency is outside normal opening times if you dial 0161 766 4906 you will be given the number of our emergency dentist who is on duty. Just call them and they will assess the problem with you right there and then and if it is decided that you require urgent treatment they will arrange to meet you at our clinic as quickly as possible.


All our emergency dentists are highly trained, professionally qualified and have extensive experience. They will also discuss the emergency dental treatment you require prior to commencing your treatment, including the cost implications.


Following your emergency dental clinic treatment, you can be sure that we will are also available to provide any necessary follow up treatment that may be required.


So remember, there is no need to suffer because your Carisbrook emergency dental clinic service is always on call and always available.


Simply call our emergency number: 0161 766 4906 and we promise you’ll be in safe hands.

For non-emergency treatment and enquiries, you can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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