Linda came to the practice unhappy with the old dentures, which she had wore for the last five years.

She has to use adhesive to keep the dentures in as they moved when she spoke. Dr Idrees examined Linda and the dentures were deemed to be un-sportive of her lips and face.

A new set of dentures were constructed to support her lips and face better and to improve the fit of the dentures. The teeth were set up in natural positions and the gums where textured to made them look as natural as possible. If you look at the before picture close up of the gums you will see unlike normal dentures they are not shiny more matte in appearance like natural gums.

Before & After

Linda-Rich-post (1)
white fillings front teeth

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best cosmetic dentistry available using the most up to date techniques, skills and materials. Dr Idrees is one of the most experienced cosmetic dentists in the country, he’s was the lead cosmetic dentist for Harvey Nichols Manchester for 10 years.

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