Can tooth loss predict when you will die?

A leading Manchester dental care clinic says there’s more to it than that.

According to a recent ‘Red Top’ newspaper report the number of teeth you have lost can determine how long you will live but says Carisbrook Dental, the leading Manchester dental care clinic, there are many more factors that need to be taken into consideration.

This latest research, claims the newspaper, found that people who had lost five or more teeth by the age of 65 were also more likely to suffer other serious health issues.  The report also went on to say that those who have a full set of teeth when they are 74-years old are more likely to reach 100.

Manchester Dental Care
Manchester Dental Care

There is, concedes this Manchester dental care practice, a grain of truth in this report, but most people who read it will see it as a piece of ‘creative journalism’ written to attract readership.  Dental hygiene is of course a vital aspect of anyone’s health care and a poor oral health routine, which can be a major cause of tooth loss, can also contribute to other health worries.

Plaque and particularly gum disease have been proved to have links to other health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.  Tooth loss can undoubtedly also lead to issues with eating and social insecurity.  Therefore it can affect a person’s ongoing nutrition and can lead to loss of confidence plus increased stress and that in turn can affect their overall wellbeing.

At Carisbrook, says this Manchester dental care centre, we see many patients who have lost teeth over their lives.  Very often this is not necessarily as a result of poor dental hygiene or tooth decay and could have been caused by accidents or other traumas.

Nevertheless Carisbrook always urge their patients to clean their teeth morning and night for at least two minutes using fluoride toothpaste.  The other advice that this Manchester dental care clinic always provides is that everyone should visit their dentist regularly for a routine check-up and a thorough dental examination.  That way any potential problem can be spotted at an early stage and it can generally be fixed there and then with just a minor procedure … before it develops into a major concern that could mean losing a tooth.

If you look at our cleaning advice page you will find lots of helpful hints and tips as well as a number of videos that demonstrate the correct teeth cleaning procedures.

So what is the conclusion?  Can tooth loss predict how long you have to live?  Not really says this Manchester dental care clinic, but you should always take good care of your teeth because they do have a bearing on your overall health.

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