What will it take to get you to the dentist?

What will it take to get you to the dentist?

Read how a Manchester dental practice helps patients overcome their fears.

As a leading Manchester dental practice we hear so many ‘reasons’ why someone hasn’t visited a dentist for a considerable time.  Too busy.  No need.  Not important.  Too expensive.  Couldn’t get an appointment.  But we have to say that in our experience the real reason that many people put off going to see a dentist is that they are just too nervous.  And you know what … in this day and age, with so many new ideas, advanced treatments and specialised equipment … there really is no need whatsoever for being afraid to visit a dentist!

Manchester Dental Practice
Manchester Dental Practice

The other thing we frequently find is that it often takes a ‘trigger’ to eventually prompt someone to pick up the phone and make a dental appointment.  Yet as a busy Manchester dental practice you can bet that we’ve seen and heard them all.  Unbearable pain caused by tooth decay, or a serious gum disease, are just two of the triggers.  Other reasons include an imminent social occasion such as a wedding that at last induces someone to act and to try and get their damaged and unsightly teeth fixed.

All to often though, we have to say that they may have left it too late and conventional restorative dentistry is then not always a practical option.

Now there is no need to be nervous

At Carisbrook we are known as ‘The Gentle Dentist’ and we are probably the most caring and considerate Manchester dental practice where we really do help nervous patients overcome their fears.  If you are at all nervous then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 951 7295 and talk to us.  Let us explain to you how our Nervous Patent Care will help to make your dental visit as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

We will never rush you

We have designed our Manchester dental practice to be as welcoming and relaxing as possible so that you will feel fully at ease from the first moment you arrive.  We also promise to let you take your own time to feel comfortable.  We’ll talk to you, listen to you and we’ll explain everything in great detail.

We have specialist equipment

We know that some patients have a particular phobia about needles, but at Carisbrook instead of injecting anaesthetic by hand we can instead use The Wand.  It looks like a pen and it operates at a low pressure to deliver totally pain free injections.  Many patients at our Manchester dental practice say that they did not feel the anaesthetic being administered.  Because it as so precise it also means your lips and tongue needn’t be numb for hours either.

We can also offer sedation

For very nervous patients sedation helps them to remain calm throughout their treatment.  They feel comfortable and relaxed and although remaining aware the sedation will help them not to remember any part of the treatment.

We can schedule your treatment to suit you

As we said before, we will never rush you and we can spread the timetable of your treatment to match your lifestyle and your budget.

We can even make payments painless!

If it is the cost of treatment that is putting you off making that appointment then at the Carisbrook Manchester dental practice it doesn’t have to be a worry.

First of all new clients can have a Free Consultation with no strings attached.

In addition our Fees are extremely competitive and we can even allow you to spread the cost of any treatment.  Our Payment Plan Options begin at just 0.37p per day for adults and include regular dental examinations and hygiene treatment, special discounts on any necessary treatment, plus valuable dental insurance cover at home and abroad.

So if you have been putting off making your dental appointment there is no need to put it off any longer.  Call us on 0161 951 7295.  There really is nothing at all to be nervous about!

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