Can teeth heal themselves?

Can teeth heal themselves?

North West dental clinic takes a look at the latest claims

Root canal surgery could become a thing of the past after the development of a revolutionary new biomaterial filling that stimulates stem cells in the tooth and encourages it to repair itself.  At least that is the claim being made by scientists at Nottingham University and Harvard University who are working in tandem to perfect this truly amazing breakthrough.

North West Dental Clinic
North West Dental Clinic

But … will it really spell the end of root canal therapy?  Here’s what Carisbrook Dental, the leading North West dental clinic, has to say.  

According to Carisbrook, although this revolutionary procedure could mean that in some instances traditional root canal surgery may not be necessary, for the majority of patients that this North West dental clinic sees it will still be the case that traditional tried and trusted procedures will be required.

According to Dr Tariq Idrees, a senior dentist at the Manchester dental clinic, this new biomaterial, when it is finally perfected and eventually approved by the NHS and other dental and medical authorities, could become another option for some, but certainly not all root canal surgery.

Root canal therapy is an important element of the clinic’s general dentistry programme.  The new synthetic biomaterial filling, which is still very much in the experimental stage, is claimed will interact with the tooth’s dentin (the protective layer between the outer enamel and the inner pulp) to stimulate the stem cells in the pulp tissue so that they regenerate and grow back the dentin.

Carisbrook, as the number one Manchester dental clinic, are watching developments with interest, but are keen to remind patients that if the root of the tooth has died or has begun to die then it cannot be brought back to life and traditional root canal therapy will still be required.

Dr Idrees is quick to point out however that thanks to improved techniques today’s root canal treatments are nothing like the horror stories from years gone by.  In fact, says Dr Idrees, a root canal filling today is comparable to having a conventional silver or white filling.  It’s certainly nothing to be anxious or nervous about and the Manchester dental clinic’s nervous patient care programme means no one should ever be hesitant about making a dental appointment.

Dental treatments are improving all the time and Carisbrook are always at the forefront when it comes to adopting new techniques, technology and the very latest dental treatments.  If you would like to book an appointment to arrange a new patient free consultation please call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can use the online form on our Appointments page.

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