Holiday dental emergencies

Holiday dental emergencies

Here’s some sensible advice from the leading North West dentist

It’s everyone’s dread isn’t it?  A few days into your holiday and you lose a filling or a crown, or worse still you break a tooth or suffer agonizing toothache.  There’s no way you can delay treatment until you return home … but what do you do?  Read these top tips from Carisbrook Dental, widely recognised as the leading North West dentist practice and they will help to ensure that if it happens to you then at least you know the best course of action to take.

Before you go on holiday

According to the top North West dentist if you haven’t visited your own dentist recently then it really is a good idea to have your teeth checked over before you depart on holiday.  Your dentist will give your teeth and your mouth a thorough examination and if they spot any potential problems then they should be able to fix them so that you can go away without any dental worries. Preventative dentistry such as this is the first step to enjoying peace of mind. There’s also the worry that the unknown dentist you have to visit at your resort is not familiar with you and may not be as good as your regular UK dentist.  Dodgy dentists are something we at Carisbrook often hear about from patients returning home from holiday.

North West Dentist
North West Dentist

Think about dental insurance

If you’re on holiday, and especially if you are abroad then dental emergencies and any necessary dental treatments can be worryingly expensive.  At Carisbrook patients can take advantage of Personal Payment Plan Options (details can be found on our Fees page).  The benefits include:

  •  Two dental health checks per year.
  •  Two hygiene appointments per year.
  •  All routine dental x-rays.
  •  Dental injury cover up to £10,000 per year.
  •  Up to £12,000 cover for one course of oral cancer treatment (including smokers).

But crucially it also includes cover for temporary emergency dental treatment both abroad and in the UK up to £400 per incident and up to £800 per year

The North West dentist top tips for holiday dental emergencies:

Before you depart buy a DENTANURSE First Aid Kit for Teeth. You can purchase one from Carisbrook Dental practice, or they are also available online.  This compact kit includes a selection of products to help deal with minor dental emergencies and allows you to temporarily re-fix dislodged crowns, bridges, fillings and inlays.

If you need to see a dentist while you are away:

  1. Ask at the hotel for a recommended dentist
  2. Ask any ex-pats you know or meet for recommendations.
  3. Make sure the dentist you see can speak good English.
  4. Ensure you receive a receipt for any fees paid.
  5. Ask for clinical notes so you can show them to your own dentist on your return.
  6. If you need to replace implants or veneers, try, if possible, to delay treatment until you can see your own dentist in the UK.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to have a pre-holiday check up at Carisbrook before you go away to make sure everything is okay or if you would like to discuss the Carisbrook Payment Plan Options and the benefits of dental insurance then you can contact us by calling 0161 951 7295.  You can also book an appointment online by using the form on our Appointments page.

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