One in four of us are too scared to smile

One in four of us are too scared to smile

At least that’s what a recent BUPA survey of 2000 people revealed. An astonishing twenty five per cent of the people surveyed said that they were worried about how their teeth looked, especially in photographs, and an incredible forty per cent of them said that their teeth were the number one thing they would change about their appearance. Many also said that they felt that celebrities and public figures with perfect teeth made them feel inadequate and under pressure.


The figures shown in the survey may sound surprisingly high, but in fact they only confirm what we at Carisbrook Dental have recognised for a number of years, with more and more patients now approaching us to help them improve the appearance of their teeth. As the Cosmetic Dentists, Manchester specialists we are in a perfect position to provide the smile they are looking for, which incidentally not only enhances their appearance, but also significantly increases their overall confidence and indeed their entire quality of life.


Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Manchester page will highlight just some of the ways in which we can help. For instance, Carisbrook Dental is quite rightly recognised as the Teeth whitening Manchester specialists and we can offer a wide range of alternative procedures, including in-clinic treatments such as Zoom and Enlighten teeth whitening treatments, plus home whitening treatments you can use, under our supervision, in your own home.


In addition, we can also replace traditional silver fillings with invisible white fillings. We can replace missing or damaged teeth. We are specialists in fitting porcelain veneers and if required, we are qualified to provide specialist gum contouring and teeth reshaping treatments.


Of course, it may be that your smile is marred simply because your teeth are badly misaligned or are crooked. In which case, our Orthodontics Manchester dental team can provide a number of alternative treatments designed to gently ease your teeth into their correct position in order to create that lovely, even smile you’re looking for.


So if you ever feel a reluctance to smile and display your teeth, come and have a word with us and discover just how easy it is to change your life and create that ‘film star smile’. Just call us on 0161 951 7295 or go to our contact page, where you will find further information about the Carisbrook Dental practice and how to get in touch with our Cosmetic Dentists, Manchester team.

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