Our qualified orthodontists provide you with traditional metal or invisible ceramic braces that give predictable results in the shortest time.


The Invisalign system is an ‘invisible’ solution because the aligners are transparent and most people will not notice them, meaning that you can confidently smile throughout your treatment as well as after.

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The gold standard brace that is invisible yet comfortable. The days of metal train track braces have gone. Our qualified orthodontists provide you with ceramic braces that give predictable results in the shortest time.

Cutting edge technology allows our Orthodontist to fix braces to the inside surface of your teeth. This system is totally invisible and has the advantage of conventional fixed braces – the best results in the shortest time. HRH Kate Middleton had this brace system to correct her smile.

Simple treatments can be completed with removable braces which are a convenient, removable and affordable. Removable orthodontics is a very popular dental treatment at our surgery in Manchester.

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After completion of any orthodontic treatment we recommend patients wear retainers, without retainers straightened teeth can gradually shift back towards their initial position. Wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment secures your teeth in their new position and protects your new smile.

There are two different type of retainers, fixed retainers and removable retainers. A fixed retainer is a wire that is fixed to the back of your teeth by your orthodontist, a removable retainer is a plastic retainer you wear at night time. Both provide the same function and protect your smile and ensure it lasts for many years to come.

For patients who have had Invisalign treatment we recommend Vivera Retainers. Vivera retainers are made by the same state of the art technology Invisalign aligners are made from meaning they are comfortable, discrete and convenient. They are designed from your final tooth position after completion of Invisalign treatment, in the unlikely event you are to lose your retainer, Invisalign are able to make an exact replica of the one you first received, no more impressions necessary!