Fixed Braces

Banish all of those preconceptions you might have about fixed braces, because here at Carisbrook Dental we can provide the very highest level of fixed brace treatment.

We have our own resident orthodontist here at Carisbrook, and he has a client base all over the Manchester area. Our orthodontist studied braces to a specialist level for an extra four years at university, this has enabled him to offer all treatments available at a highly skilled level.

Conventional braces



Fixed braces – front

The traditional ‘train track’ braces are far more modern than they used to be; a clear fixed brace is almost invisible when it is fitted. A fixed brace comes with a lot of advantages, and in terms of functionality, a fixed brace is far more effective than ‘invisible’ systems such as Invisalign. There is a greater degree of control on a fixed brace and as a result a higher and more effective rate of progress. The braces can now be coloured white and are very discreet, they are made from a white ceramic material.

Fixed braces – back/Incognito system

If you don’t fancy the classic front fixed brace, then perhaps you should think about getting an alternative fixed brace. It is now possible to have lingual braces that sit on the back of your teeth as opposed to the front and as a result are far less identifiable and more aesthetically pleasing. Please visit our lingual page – click here

A fixed brace has many advantages over other types of braces. Some of these include:

  • Removable braces sometimes can affect speech whereas fixed braces do not
  • Quicker and more efficient effect. Fixed braces are highly adjustable and as a result, it is easier to fine-tune the brace to the requirements of the teeth. Fixed braces can give more controlled and precise movements than removable braces. As the brace is more precise the results are more stable and therefore the teeth are more likely to stay in their new position.
  • Fixed braces cannot be removed so the process cannot be stunted by loss or apathy towards wearing the brace – particularly important for children!

At Carisbrook Dental, we have a range of brace treatments and we feel confident that you will be able to find the right treatment for you. In addition to fixed braces, we also do Damon invisible braces, invisible braces, and the Invisalign system.

Fixed Braces Gallery


This client had a course braces, tooth whitening and finally re-contouring and white filling build up of his teeth.

At Carisbrook Dental we provide a number of finance options via our finance partner Chrysalis Finance to help our patients spread the cost of their treatments and make treatment much more affordable.
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