Our payment plan

Key benefits of our plan

A small monthly fee starting from £18.01 per month covers you for your routine examinations, hygienist sessions, x-rays, 20% discount on all treatments (excluding specialist treatments and cosmetic treatments) and Dental Accident Insurance.

oral sedation dentistry

Key benefits:

  1. Two dental health examinations per year , including oral cancer health checks
  2. Two hygienist appointments per year including preventive advice
  3. All routine dental x-rays
  4. 20% discount on routine treatments (excluding specialist treatments and cosmetic treatments)
  5. Dental injury cover up to £10000 per year
  6. Up to £12000 cover for one course of oral cancer treatment including smokers
  7. Temporary emergency dental treatment abroad and in the UK up to £400 per incident and up to £800 per year

As you can see the plan is quite comprehensive and is proving very popular with our registered patients and new patients to the practice. For more information and full terms and conditions please contact our practice where we will be happy to answer any of your questions.