Root Canal Manchester

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is an important dental procedure that is used in order to halt an infection that is caused by bacteria.

Root Canal Therapy



Tooth decay, trauma or gum disease can not only affect the tooths surface, but it can also affect the nerve supply in the tooth. The nerve supply (the pulp) can be susceptible to infection, and when infected by bacteria, it can start to die and the bacteria begins to multiply. The bacteria travels down the root canal, infects the whole tooth and surrounding bone, causing severe pain. An infection in a tooths nerve supply can lead to a dental abscess and a swelling in your face.

Once there is an infection in the root canal, in order to remove the bacteria there are two options:

  1. Tooth removal
  2. Root canal treatment

If you opt for root canal treatment then your dentist will attempt to save the tooth by removing all of the infected nerve. The root canal will then be cleaned and filled with a rubber based material called gutta-percha. We use a modern rubber filling which is heated and injected into the root canal. It’s called “Obtura B” and has a higher success rate than the traditional systems. After root canal treatment we normally recommend crowning the tooth for added protection.

Teeth are made up several different structures. The one at the centre of the tooth is known as ‘dental pulp’ or nerve, and this structure runs through from the crown of the tooth through to the end of the root. It travels through a tunnel in the tooth called the root canal. This ‘pulp’ is soft tissue and it’s made up of nerves and blood vessels. 


Dr Daniel Turner

At Carisbrook Dental Care we have the expertise of Dr Dan Turner who has a special interest in root canal treatment, Dan has completed further training and qualifications in the subject at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute. He attained a Distinction for his Masters of Science degree in the subject.

In fact that’s all he does – root canal, like many of our dentists, other dentists refer their root canal work to him. Especially the more complex cases, where root canal has already been done in the past and failed.

Maxine our treatment co-ordinator is available to provide further information and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know more or think you may need root canal treatment, please contact us.