Could sucking a ‘sweet’ be a snoring cure?

Could sucking a ‘sweet’ be a snoring cure?

“Yes!”  it’s a snoring cure claim the manufacturers.  “NO!”  Responds the medical expert.

Snoring CureWe were looking through one of the national newspapers last week when we came across a feature that debated whether sweets, pastilles and lozenges – the type that you can find in any chemist – really are effective in providing the treatment they claim. Each of the remedies was reviewed by a leading medical expert and they were asked to rate the treatment out of ten. There were nine treatments under discussion, covering everything from bad breath to coughs and even dementia. But the one that caught our eye was for lozenges claiming to a snoring cure.  So how did it fare?


The manufacturers claim that: “the formulation tones and lubricates the soft tissues at the back of the throat to provide snoring relief.”


The medical expert’s opinion, however, was somewhat different.  He wrote: “There is nothing in these that would make a difference to snoring. They contain menthol and sage, but these will be washed away by saliva – so there will be no impact overnight.”


His rating for the snoring cure lozenges? A paltry 1 out of 10!


We hate to say we could have told you that. But… we could have told you that!


At Carisbrook we have been providing a well-proven snoring treatment solution for many years and unlike the lozenges this one really works.


It is a scientific fact that the main cause of snoring is by vibrations of the soft palate and surrounding tissues. Other factors such as weight can also play an important role and people who do snore are also at risk of sleep apnoea, which in certain circumstances can be life-threatening because sleep apnoea can cause high blood pressure and strain on your heart.


In fact many cardiovascular surgeons now recommend a snoring treatment solution with dental appliances.


Which of course, is where our experience and expertise comes in.  


Here at Carisbrook Dental we can help you if you suffer from snoring with a specially designed and individually made ‘Mandibular Advancement Device’. Specially made for you, this non-invasive device, which you wear in your mouth at night, gently pushes the tongue and lower jaw very slightly forwards. Simple, but it effectively prevents the soft palate from vibrating and so it is an ideal snoring cure.


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