Snoring can be very dangerous

Snoring can be very dangerous

It’s a fact that snoring treatment could save your life

Everyone knows that snoring is annoying.  It’s annoying because it can wake you up at night and it can definitely be the most annoying cause of severe sleep disruption and even anger for your partner.  But very few people, including those who suffer snoring problems, realise that it can affect your health to such a degree that in the most severe cases it can cause high blood pressure and place strain on your heart.  Little wonder that many cardiovascular surgeons now recommend snoring treatment with dental appliances.

Snoring Treatment
Snoring Treatment

As a leading dental clinic, Carisbrook Dental deals with many cases every year where snoring has become a major problem to such an extent that it affects a patient’s life.  In fact the UK Marriage Council recently reported that almost 25% of marriage breakdowns cited snoring as a major contributory factor.

To recognise why some people snore and some snore more loudly than others you have to understand what causes snoring … and how a simple snoring treatment can bring about a cure, almost instantly.

The main causes are vibrations of the soft palate and surrounding tissues and during sleep, as the muscles in the neck relax, this causes the soft tissue to vibrate and produce the noise we know as snoring.

Yes that is annoying because loud snoring can wake yourself and your partner, which in turn leads to sleep deprivation, tiredness, frustration and irritability.

Worse than that though, people who snore are also at risk of sleep apnoea, which in certain circumstances can become life threatening by causing high blood pressure and placing a strain on the heart.

Fortunately snoring treatment is quite simple and effective, and as a top dental practice we successfully treat many patients every year.

The snoring treatment we recommend is a ‘Mandibular Advancement Device’.  Although this may sound complicated it is really a very simple, non-invasive, but very effective snoring treatment

The device, which we make specially for you, fits comfortably within your mouth at night and it gently pushes the tongue and lower jaw very slightly forward.  This stretches the soft palate just enough to stop it vibrating.  Result … no more snoring.

The device is quite comfortable to wear and our patients tell us that they very quickly get used to it and that it does not interfere with their sleep (except to improve it by preventing snoring).

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