Sweet tooth? Our thoughts on sweeteners…

Sweet tooth? Our thoughts on sweeteners…


The sweeteners know as sugar alcohols don’t contain sugar or alcohol, but dentist love them because they are so good for our teeth!!

One particular useful sweetener is xylitol, an ingredient found in sugar- free mints and most gums. Xylitol helps reduce plaque acids and the formation of plaque keeping teeth and gums healthy. Too much of it can have a laxative effect.

If you want to protect your teeth, gum is better than mints… chewing keeps saliva flowing which helps to neutralise the acids in the mouth and harden up softened tooth enamel.

The worst sugar is in fizzy drinks, the worst thing anyone can do is sip  this all day over several hours, the problem is acidic flavouring and the bubbles in the drink attack the teeth.  Using a straw helps protect the teeth!!



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