Just how effective is teeth whitening at home?

Just how effective is teeth whitening at home?

Let’s just say that some teeth whitening at home kits are better than others.


What you have to remember is that all teeth whitening depends in some way or another on using bleach as a whitening agent and by law professional teeth whitening can only be provided by a qualified and registered dentist or dental hygienist. That is because as highly qualified professionals, trained in teeth and mouth care, they understand better than anyone the risks involved in putting bleach into a patient’s mouth. If you are tempted to go anywhere else – such as a beauty salon, hairdressers, tanning salon or nail bar etc – then the people who undertake the teeth whitening treatment are not trained, they are not qualified … and most importantly they are not legally allowed to provide this service.


So how about teeth whitening at home? Just how good are the kits you can buy, quite legally, from pharmacists and the like? Again the law errs on the side of caution and these home kits contain a very weak bleaching agent in order to minimise risks. So it stands to sense that they will not be as efficient and you won’t enjoy the same teeth whitening success as a treatment provided by a dentist.


You may consider going on the Internet to buy a teeth whitening at home kit. All we can say is think again … don’t risk it.


Very often these online teeth whitening at home kits come from very dubious sources. They are unregistered and most importantly they are not controlled in any way. There are many, many cases where online teeth whitening at home treatment has resulted in horrific injuries to a customer’s lips, gums, mouth, throat and teeth.


Please, do not risk it.


So which teeth whitening kits are the best, the most efficient and the safest?


In a sentence – they are the ones that are provided by a dentist.

At Carisbrook we do offer teeth whitening at home treatments, but before we do we very carefully examine your teeth and oral health to confirm that you are dentally fit to have teeth whitening. Then we manufacture a customised whitening tray that is specially made for you, we also provide the recommended professional dental bleaching agent and we give you precise instructions on how the teeth whitening at home kit should be used. This way you know you are in safe hands and you should enjoy excellent teeth whitening results in just 2-3 weeks.

Teeth Whitening at Home

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