It’s happening, people are already planning for Christmas

It’s happening, people are already planning for Christmas

So don’t leave it too late to speak to the best teeth whitening dentist in Manchester


Yes, we know that it’s still only October. And yes, we realise that for many people Christmas is still in another time zone. Yet for many, the planning and preparation has already begun as we realised when we read an article this week about one of Britain’s largest supermarket groups who confirmed that they have seen 32,000 customers place orders for their turkey, trimmings and drinks in the past fortnight alone. That’s 16 per cent up on last year. It got us thinking that perhaps it isn’t too early to begin planning for Christmas after all. So if part of your planning is to enjoy a lovely gleaming white smile for the soon to be here social season then NOW is the time to speak to Carisbrook – the best teeth whitening dentist in Manchester.


We say the best teeth whitening dentist because going to a dentist for your teeth whitening treatment is a must. Please, do not trust your precious teeth to an unlicensed, unregistered, unqualified and frankly unlawful beauty, hairdressing, tanning salon or such.  Not only are these places illegal, but they do not have the skills, experience or qualifications required to provide professional teeth whitening treatment.


At Carisbrook, we really are widely regarded as the best teeth whitening dentist in Manchester, if not in the whole of the region. Our very experienced dental and hygienist teams are highly qualified and are registered to undertake teeth whitening treatment.


The other thing to remember is that it is not too early to be planning your teeth whitening treatment. Remember, many Christmas social events get underway in the middle of November, so that is only a few weeks away.  


If you want to have the most beautiful white smile for these special occasions then come and speak to Carisbrook – the best teeth whitening dentist – now.


At Carisbrook, we offer three different types of teeth whitening treatment to suit every requirement and all of them are safe on your teeth and offer proven results.


Enlighten Teeth Whitening Manchester

This very successful system involves bleaching at home and in our surgery. It guarantees a positive outcome and promises you the whitest, most consistent and longest-lasting results.  That is why it is so popular.


If you speak to us now you can be assured that you’ll have that lovely white smile in time for your Christmas parties.


Home Whitening Manchester

After examining your teeth to ensure that they are suitable for home teeth whitening, we manufacture specially made whitening trays for you and we provide you with the exact blend of bleach you can use in the comfort of your own home. This system promises excellent results and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete. So don’t wait to speak to us.


ZOOM! When you want teeth whitening – fast

If you do leave it until the last minute we can still help. Using the latest ZOOM! technology we can bleach your teeth and get up to eight shades lighter than your original colour … in only one hour.


The ZOOM! procedure is quick and safe on your teeth. But speak to us now to make sure you get an appointment.


So remember, Christmas is closer than you think and if you want to enjoy the very best white smile then speak to the best teeth whitening dentist in Manchester without delay. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.teeth whitening dentist

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