Tooth Extraction Manchester

Oral surgery involves surgery to the mouth and teeth, this can involve extractions, surgical extractions, bone and gum grafting, covering exposed roots and the placement of dental implants and biopsy’s.

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone, there are two types of extractions – simple and surgical. Our highly qualified dentists have the expertise and experience to confidently carry out both procedures. 

Tooth Extraction



As no replacement is as good as your natural teeth, we try our hardest to maintain and strengthen what we have before considering the removal of a tooth. However, sometimes this is not possible and a tooth cannot be saved therefore will need to be removed. This may be due to decay, infection, gum disease and more. 

We always discuss options to replace missing teeth and fully inform our patients about the process before a tooth extraction. Options after a tooth extraction can include leaving the space, a denture, bridge or implants. Your dentist will discuss your treatment options with you prior to the removal of the tooth. 

We understand the thought of a dental extraction can be daunting and may cause anxiety or stress. Here at Carisbrook Dental Care we provide nervous patient care such as sedation and ‘The Calaject’ to calm your nerves and make your experience as comfortable as possible. 


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